imilab ec2

  1. Z

    Xiaomi EC2 Record

    Hi there I just buy 4 Xiaomi EC2 cameras and hub Everything work ok. But I have question about recording. These cameras only record when motion is noticed, and only few seconds, 10-15-20seconds. I wonder is there any way to record 24/7, through mi app. Or on some other way, through some site or...
  2. S

    İmilab ec2 güvenlik kamerası aldım fakat getawayi internete ve cihaza bağlanmıyor

    Merhaba daha 1 gün önce 1 adat imilab ec2 güvenlik kamerası ve bunun getawayini aldım fakat getawayi internete ve cihaza bağlanmıyor
  3. furbiztropoje

    Imilab EC2 camera

    Hello, i meet problem with outdoor camera imilab ec2. After few months of using camera ran into problems. Suddenly shut down. I demonted cam and check it. There was too much condens water behond lens. When i opened charging slot water was there as well. I tried to dry it at home, charge it. Now...