1. C

    Indonesian and Malay Language

    I see a line of several contributors for Indonesian and Bahasa Melayu language translator since Miui 8, but never these two language been included into any of rom either stable or developer. With regard to all those excellent contributors, please include Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa...
  2. Readone

    Mi4s Gps Indonesia

    I'am facing an issue, no GPS lock in Indonesia, or it's takes very long time (about 10 minutes and more) and after a view second, I lost the GPS again. I don't know why, I'm using ROM v 6.11.10 any suggestion?
  3. Ida Bagus Jaya Sukarya

    How To Contribute To Multi Language Project?

    Hello guys, I just wanted to know how to contribute for Multi Language project because my language isn't available currently, I'm interested to join so I'll be able to help you guys translating MIUI for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). Thank you :) Any replies will be...