1. F

    google play systemupdate (joyeuse)

    currently you can read everywhere that google is updating its google play system update. my samsung business cell phone has actually received an update and is now christened as of january 2022. nothing happened with my note 9 pro. it is actually not dependent on xiaomi but on google. what is the...
  2. VelSan

    Unlocking after a re-lock? (Joyeuse)

    Ahoy there, flashers. A pretty long time ago I relocked my bootloader when I wanted to go back to stock. All works fine, now, I'm just tempted to unlock my BL and flash, however, the MiUnlock tool is asking me to wait again as if it's my first time unlocking. I am using the same account I used...
  3. A

    Installing on "branded" remdi note 9 pro

    Hi I own a european redmi note 9 Joyeuse, with a branded firmware by vodafone that was never updated by them (I'm still on MIUI 11.0.1, released april 22 2020...) V11.0.1.0.(QJZEUVF) 10 hours left to unlock the bootloader, here's my question can I safelly install twrp (so I can flash
  4. H

    Require AOD for super wallpapers

    Greetings. Before the last update for HMNOTE9 PRO (Joyeuse) we cannot select the super wallpapers because it forces us to turn on the AOD, but our phones are not compatible.
  5. X

    Note 9pro Joyeuse back to Stock - SUPER Partition!!!

    Hello, how can I get back to Stock with this phone? I can only get to Fastboot (fastbootd) and recovery (original, but can also install PitchBlack, but then the partition is encrypted and I can't get anywhere). About recovery I have already several times deleted everything and /e/ Android...
  6. M

    How to update Note 9 proEU From 11.0.2 to 11.0.7

    So I have installed "xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote9ProEU_V11.0.2.0.QJZMIXM_v11-10-fastboot"\ and I need to update To 11.0.7 But this version doesn't have a fastboot script My phone Code name is "Joyese" Edit:- I have successfully done it But I had to upgrade to every version from 11.0.2 to...
  7. V

    [QUESTION] [JOYEUSE] ( Modding System Files without getting stuck on Fastboot mode.

    Hi everyone, I just upgraded my firmware today with the recovery from here and I want to know if I can mod files again with root or directly from TWRP without getting bootloop as before in I was trying to mod some system files like the default fonts in my phone, using "Root explorer"...