1. K

    New Mi 9T Pro/Redmi K20 Pro - Reboot after turning on flashlight in lockscreen and turning off the screen

    I had this weird bug that randomly happens, but when it happens it can be replicated again only after a short ammount of time, so I did a log replicating this bug turning on the flashlight and turning off the screen. Here's the log: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o4vfqcn1qq2h9zw/Log.txt/file...

    New [9.10.31][K20 Pro]FP unlock doesn't work on AOD.

    FP unlock is not working correctly on AOD after updating to latest weekly build 9.10.31. I have also tried removing and registering the FP . I have to light up the screen using power button then only fp unlock works correctly. Additional info: I am using miui weekly build since first release...
  3. A

    Heating problem on k20 pro

    Hello. So i bought k20 pro and it was on miui 10.3.3 global rom and android p I got an update when i turned it on for the first time its 10.3.5 stable so i updated the phone then experinced heating problem in gaming and while charging it goes above 50 degrees and i am afraid its damaging my...
  4. Daenjel

    [Android Q] List of audio mods and how to make them fully work together!

    As the title says, I managed to get all of my 3 favorite audio mods working together, so I wanted to share how to accomplish this. Standard Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, YOU are choosing to make these modifications. First of all, you need Magisk...
  5. leminhitalia

    Do you have any issues when installing the stable 10.3.16 or the dev 9.7.27 on K20 Pro?

    After installing the stable 10.3.16 or the dev 9.7.27 on my K20 Pro, I have experienced below issues: 1. There is not any sound on my phone. 2. When playing videos on youtube/facebook..., it's so lag. Do you have any ideas about how to fix this issue?