1. M

    New Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Second Display Turn on

    since my update to MIUI 13 the second screen is on on my Mi 11 Ultra even though it is turned off, I could see it in the morning when my alarm clock rings. I can't say if that has anything to do with it. In any case, I definitely turned off the second screen in my settings, but it still comes...
  2. A

    Can someone tell me like I'm five how to do a CORRECT clean installation/flash?

    Hi. This last days I've been trying in my Mi 9t Pro, and I'm struggling a bit with the perfomance of this rom. Everything works fine, no bugs, but my problem it's the perfomance, I find it slow in general, not very responsive and sometimes laggy/ with stuttering in concrete...
  3. S

    Miui EU laggy with Redmi note 10 pro

    Hello I flashed MIUI EU 12.5.6 on my RN10 PRO and somehow I feel that it's laggy or not stable with apps and opening apps I feel global version was better but I don't know how because I was using MIUI EU on my RN7 and really it was perfect What to do with that ?
  4. R

    Just a lil laggy

    I've just flashed this amazing Rom based on the opinions about performance and so, but I've recently noticed it a little bit laggy, which shouldn't be. I came from the European Stockrom version and to be honest that one was smoother even with all the sh...t that had preinstalled. Did anyone face...
  5. I

    Invalid 12.5

    On my Mi CC9e, Every miui 12.5 beta build is super laggy. It takes about 3 to 4 seconds even to open call app where the closed china beta works fine except the Google services. Those doesn't work on the china beta. Just crashes every time I open. And in the xiaomi eu beta. Every time I...
  6. samvdkris

    New Recents stuttering with EU ROM on Poco F2

    I installed the EU ROM (weekly build, but I've also tried the stable version) on my phone today. Most stuff seems to work fine, but I'm having some issues with the recents menu stuttering pretty bad. I also can't double-tap the recents navbar button to switch to the last app (instead it seems to...
  7. W

    Laggy and slow interface

    I was on 9.5.9 firm and updated to latest (20.1.9) miui11 . It was really slow to surf on interface , system app even in an app folder while scrolling down and up . Scrolling another app with recent apps button really freezing . Im afraid of apps crush when opening them lol . Then I downgrade to...
  8. F

    Overall Laggy Ui Performance

    Hi guys, I have had my mi note 2 for a few months, and I love it, but the system performance on MIUI 9 from is just terrible. I've tried downgrading to Miui 8, and everything worked flawlessly, absolutely smoothly and perfectly. However on MIUI 9 the phone is laggy, unresponsive, slow...
  9. vinothManikkam

    Need Help Reg Xposed Module .. And Manual Focus In Camera

    1.Yester day i flash Miui8 6.9.22 global dev from this site , eveything works great . after flash xposed face many laging , some freezing and some time random reboots .. and also process not responding error first am tell what moules are am enable 1.flat style bar 2.flatstyle keyboard 3.miui...
  10. T

    Script Succeeded Result Was [/cust]

    Hi, when i install the rom for libra stable or weekly, the twrp (any of them) show "script succeeded: result was [/cust]". And the phone go slowly and laggy (after installation it is very fluid , from the second day is going slowing). Why? What could be the problem?