1. maksz

    Invalid Copy/Paste dialog wrong language

    I don't know if this is a bug or not. The copy/paste dialog appears in a language of an app instead of the system.
  2. K

    New Wrong direction digits in lock screen password on RTL language

    Hi, I have a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 device running a "MIUI 10.3 by 9.1.2" rom. I'm using a right to left language and when i try to unlock my screen using a password it shows the digits also right to left, while it's very confusing, since no other app on the phone doesn't do that, not even...
  3. E

    Xiaomi Doesn't Support Armenian Language

    Hello. I want to translate to Armenian. How can I do that? I see topics on forum. But I can't find answers how to add language on forum, or to Miui. Please help.
  4. Mammad

    Persian Language Support!

    The Persian Language is missed from the EU ROM and you don't work on it !! One of the public language that about 150 million people uses Persian Language! Will you WORK ON IT or NOT ??
  5. R

    [kenzo]no Indian Language Support

    Hey guys, I recently installed this awesome ROM but I'm unable to read or write in Hindi,Gujrati,Punjabi etc and other local Indian fonts. There's not such problem in Global Beta. I'm currently on MIUI 8.3 (7.3.0 | Beta) version of my Redmi Note 3/PRO. Please help..
  6. M

    English (united Kingdom) Language

    It would be great if the ROM included non-US English languages - in my case, I would like an English (United Kingdom) option. Currently I use the MoreLangs app to provide this (e.g., but it would be...
  7. Ida Bagus Jaya Sukarya

    How To Contribute To Multi Language Project?

    Hello guys, I just wanted to know how to contribute for Multi Language project because my language isn't available currently, I'm interested to join so I'll be able to help you guys translating MIUI for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). Thank you :) Any replies will be...