1. helloworldapk

    Invalid Google App's new Logo

    I realized Xiaomi.EU's ROM does not have the latest Google App's logo, I was wondering when this bug can fix, so when we update the Google apps, we also get the newest app logo from all Google apps. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is what the app logo should look like...
  2. K

    Poco f2 pro redmi startup logo

    Hello, ever since I installed the eu rom on my poco f2 pro I get the Redmi logo during boot, is there a way to change this to poco f2 logo ? Thanks
  3. E

    Mi 10 Pro After Install EU ROM Stuck on 5G Logo ?

    Hi; Phone is installed succesfuly eu rom when formatted data and stay on 5G logo
  4. dennis0302

    New Bugs I found in MIUI 9.12.19

    This is a bug report I made for this release, some bugs are new to this release, one particular bug had been persists for months. New bugs: 1. The charging logo has been missing. It only shows blank whether the battery percentage is in the icon or not. Old bugs: 2. The bottom rounded corners...