low volume

  1. TheDiegoLuiz

    New Solution for low volume headphones

    Using Xiaomi.EU Beta 9.8.9 on Redmi Note 7, I realized that my audio is extremely low when using a headset, even with apps like Viper or Dolby. The solution is to change a line using a build editor (you need to root), look for the ro.miui.region line and change it to BR and you will get your...
  2. S

    Low Volume In-call

    Hi guys I've got a very annoying problem, the volume of the internal speaker, it's very low. When I call someone it's very difficult to understand what the people I'm calling says. I'm using MIUI 8 weekly 6.7.11 ( our last release for our phone) The phone is unlocked trough the official unlock...
  3. R

    Low Volume On Miui 8 Mi3

    I was running cyanogen mod 13 on mi3. Now i have installed xiaomi.eu_multi_MI3WMI4W_6.6.30_v8-6.0.zip. Due to low volume of speaker and headphone, i tried to edit /system/etc/mixer_paths.xml and changed values from 84 to 91. This method used to work for CM 13 but it is not working for miui8...