1. Alcatronic

    New Mi4s 7.2.9 Nougat Wifi Mac Address Resets After Every Restart

    Hey guys, on my wife's mi4s, since I installed Nougat the WiFi Mac Address resets every time her phone restarts. Please help! Thanks, Hendrik
  2. A

    How To Root Mi4c With Miui 8

    Greetings :) hi, i am a new user of Mi4c. I am not a developer, so i don't know how to talk with programming language. Is everybody here maybe know how to root my Mi4c MIui 8 using Macbook and please tell me step by step in the easiest way to understand? Right now i am using Miui 8 stable...
  3. AnnieChow

    How To Sync Android With Mac Or Pc ?

    As we know that smart phones are different from the traditional non-smart phones that allow you to transfer files between mobile phones and computer as long as you connect the device to computer with the USB cable. However, you are not able to do the same things to the smart phones. That’s why...