mi 11 lite

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    Invalid Mi 11 lite 4G control panel not blurring background

    I recently download the miui ROM to my phone so I'm new to this. I have miui 13.0.4 in my phone. The control panel and the notification panel when dropped down does not blur the background make it vary hard to read the stuff. Is there a fix for this???
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    New Problem with themes app

    Im using a mi 11 lite with miui 12.5.8 living in Oman. I don't have themes app in my region so as most us all did i change my phone's region to other countries like india. But then when i change my theme to any other theme that i downloaded just after a few hours(at most 1 hour to half hours)...
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    Schedules for DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.

    Hi all, I got a new Xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G recently running MIUI Global 12.5.3, and while overall this phone is very good, there is one disappointing thing related to Do Not Disturb mode. And I'd very grateful if Mi 11 lite users can confirm or deny whether they see the same behavior or not. The...
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    Mi 11 Lite Bricked with no access to fastboot

    Hello everyone, I bought myself Mi 11 Lite when I was in China, obviously, it had Chinese ROM. When I attempted to install/flash global ROM on my device, something went wrong ( I assume my cable just got disconnected in the middle of flashing) my fastboot screen got replaced with a black screen...