mi pad 3

  1. andresmirza

    Why not interested in Mi Pad 3?

    I think we are the majority using mi pad 3. I'm calling the technical team here. Why don't you update this device anymore? It was the rare rom eu that I could use the Turkish language. Please support now. Authorized person want to reach. I'm telling you now, don't tell me about Miuit.
  2. ind3x

    Backlight Bleeding In Mi Pad 3?

    Hi folks! One week ago I received my Mi Pad 3 that I bought. Everything in the tablet seems to be fine and it works as expected. I think that it is one of the best tablets for the price and it exceed all my expectations. The “issue” comes when two days ago, I noticed about something weird in...
  3. D

    Twrp For Mi Pad 3

    Is there any TWRP available for Mi Pad 3? I saw the weekly rom available for this model but how can we install it without a proper TWRP?