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  1. M

    Xiaomi R1D

    Dear I need help with my Xiaomi R1D router. I noticed a drop in performance and decided to update the firmware. Before it used stable 2.6.103_INT and all the functions of access to the internal HD of 1TB worked perfectly. After the update, access to the HD became read-only. I went back to the...
  2. dushan135

    Latest rom for mi R1D router

    Does anyone have the latest stable rom for mi R1D router? It seems download Link not working anymore.
  3. R

    Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router - slow internet speed

    Hi all, In 2017 i bought an Mi R1D AC WiFi Router, and I've been using it as a repeater. Now, because I want to use it as a main router (mainly because my ISP's router is sh*t) I changed it to router settings. I have a 1Gigabit connection, and when I test the connection speed directly in the...
  4. dushan135

    Change Hdd In Mi R1d Ac Wifi Router

    Can we change the internal HDD of this router? I want to use 4TB HDD to this.