1. P

    New Android versions on my old mi 9 se phone

    New Android versions on my old mi 9 se phone will be automatically installed (in order to replace Android 9 and MIUI 10), or have I to install it using internet tutorial with ROM update ?
  2. G

    Constant reboot issue on Mi 9 SE (grus)

    Hello everybody. I'm having a very annoying problem with this smartphone for a while. Smartphone: Xiaomi MI 9 SE (grus) Initially it was restarting a few times, when it was in standby, after some time it started to restart and when it came back it had less battery than before. So even though I...
  3. A

    New Fingerprint not working with Xiaomi.eu rom

    I have installed on my xiaomi mi 9se to the latest sable version (V12.5.1.0.RFBCNXM). Before there was the cinese rom (MIUI 10 on it). First I tried the fingerprint scanner with the chinese rom (miu 10) everything worked fine and smooth! But with the xiaomi.eu rom the fingers aren't even scanned...
  4. A

    Mi 9se Fingerprint problems

    Hello to everyone, Today I installed the xiaomi.eu Rom , stable version 12.5 for the mi 9se. If I try to add the fp it won't let me add the full Fingerprint, only a part of it. And so it won't work to unlock the phone. Moreover the new Interface seema a bit slow. Is this normal? can anybody...
  5. V

    New Xiaomi MI9 SE - Problem with fast charging + USB connection to PC doesn't works after update to 12.5.1

    Hello everybody Im writing to you because I have problem with my phone after update to newest version MIUI 12.5.1. Im so frustrated and dissatisfied about xiaomi updates because every time when I tried update I got some bugs. At the moment I have problem with my battery charging. I noticed that...
  6. psydex

    [Battery drain issue] Device always awake

    Hello everyone! Ever since I updated to MIUI12 - my battery is draining like hell! I'm getting 3-4h of SoT at most, where 6-7h before this issue occured! After further inspection I noticed device is always being awake even at night when wifi/data is turned OFF. (see screenshot). This issue is...
  7. luisfialho

    New Mi9 SE rebooting after MIUI 12 update ver. 20.9.24

    Hi guys, since I updated to MIUI 20.9.24, my Mi9 SE casually reboot´s it self, or shuts down, for no aparent reason, any suggestions? Best Regards, keep goin mates!!
  8. edivan

    MI 9 SE don't start

    I did the new update and it was extremely slow, I went to do a factory reset and the phone does not leave the twrp screen. MI 9 SE.
  9. Y

    I broke my Mi 9SE, anyone can help me? :(

    Hi everyone ! Recently i tried to install the eu rom to my mi 9se but I could not do it, so to return to my stock rom (my fault) I flashed the rom with the option to block bootloader. I tried to repair it with miassistant and it did not work I also tried with miflash and it did'nt work either I...
  10. S

    New MI9SE: Phone completely freezes from time to time.

    Can't describe it in more details - phone just freezes from time to time completely. Only hard-reboot works. No pattern or use case recognizable by me. It's completely sporadically.. Happens since the last 4 (or so..) MIUI v12 versions.
  11. edivan

    Installation error MIUI 12

    Is giving error in MI 9 SE. Whenever I install it goes back to twrp, even with the information that the installation was successful
  12. L

    New Mi9SE screen contrast changes at lock screen.

    Hello. I defined my Mi9SE contrast and colors setting to the default option. But, everytime i am at lockscreen, the contrast is very high compared to the home screen. ROM version: 20.1.9
  13. jaslq

    What is the essence of this community?

    Hello everyone, please help. I use the phone Xiaomi MI 9 SE. What is the essence of this community? Will these updates ever end? I now have MIUI 11 / 9.12.12 on Android 10. But the stable version is not Andoid 10. I want firmware with the latest updates but without bugs. And I don’t want to crap...
  14. Q

    New Mi9SE - 9.12.6 - Screen lock flickers and ignores reading mode screen tint

    Im having 2 issues with the animation that plays when locking the screen on 9.12.6. When pressing the power button the screen goes off for a fraction of a second, then comes back on and goes of again. Also when the screen goes off initially and then comes back on for a short time, the reading...
  15. M

    mi9 se Dead

    [solution] The cell phone worked. I changed the charger. Apparently this charger shocked my phone and it went back to work. I bought a mi9 if new (128gb blue). I was about 10 minutes with him on. I managed to turn it on, but decided to reset the factory mode to donate it to someone else. After...
  16. T

    New [MI9SE-9.7.25]Wifi/SIM signal strange behavior

    So long story short, i bought the mi9se and it came a week ago and i'm facing several problems that i'm not sure if its hardware or software, if you guys could help it would be awesome. Issues: 1 - It seems that its happening a problem with wifi or SIM chip signal, that it disconnects and...