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    For a long time I have been waiting for the update to MIUI 12.5, as I understand it, my phone corresponds to the update of 12.5 and 13 but the updates never arrived, moreover, the last security update was in August 2020. Does anyone know how to force the update even if it is to 12.5 since I...
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    Is it okay to upgrade to MIUI 13 without wiping the data? [Poco F3]

    I want to upgrade to MIUI 13 from the last MIUI 12, but it's a hassle for me to wipe the data then redownload all the apps that I had on my phone (specially with the slow internet). Is it ok for me to directly install MIUI 13 without wiping the data using TWRP? Or are there methods to easily...
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    Unlocking Bootloader and flashing MIUI EU version on Mi 11 via Mac OS?

    Hello everyone :emoji_wave: As the title suggests, I was wondering is there a way to unlock your bootloader and then flash a fresh install of MIUI via Mac OS? All I've found is some third-party tool called XiaoMiTool V2 but it's posted by the creator on the XDA forum back in 2017 I think so I'm...
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    Invalid Please help: No sound / video and screen recording on Mi 10. MAJOR BUG WARNING!

    Hello Xiaomi Community! Recently I encountered a major bug while using the built in screen recorder app on my Xiaomi Mi 10 phone. After using it twice (while having the system sounds option selected in the settings page of the app) my phone now no longer plays any sounds of any kinds be it...
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    New Battery in Stand by mode MIUI12.5.1 HMNote8

    The battery is draining in stand by without apps working in first plane also without sensors to wake on tap and notifications turn on screen; in 8 hours the drains has been around 22%
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    close apps group on select

    I'm using MIUI 12 and it's very frustrating when I open an app from a group and the group does not close automatically. I mean, if I open a group and tap an app, the next time I hit the home button I should see my home screen and and not the group I selected for the Last app I opened. There's...
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    Miui 12.5 Indian rom

    So I'm have redmi note 10 pro indian variant and i want to know is it worth it flashing to eu rom, what are the bug fixes is it better battery life and do the notifications work well,one more thing do i have to wipe all the data once i flash to eu rom. What's the latest eu rom I've seen some...
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    Complete noob here, I have 2 year old Redmi K20 pro, can I install EU ROM without losing any files and apps?

    I have installed 12.5 miui global (not eu rom) and its full of bugs Im sick of it. I havent tampered my phone software in any way. What I want to install now is a MIUI 12.5 EU Stable ROM. I have all kinds of 2 factor authentication for many apps and work files i dont intent to lose any of them
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    Failed to install Xiami eu 12.5 on my Mi Note 10 Lite

    Hey guys! yesterday i tried to install the Xiaomi.eu 12.5 ROM on my Mi Note 10 Lite and i failed :/ I unlocked the Phone normally by waiting 170h without a problem. After that i installed the TWRP from the XDA Forum (v3.4.0-14). Everything without a problem. Then after i booted up into TWRP i...
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    Invalid Instagram and Twitch crash Poco F3 latest stable

    Instagram and Twitch immediately close when launching them. Cannot sign in or use the apps. Poco F3 MIUI (latest stable)