miui 12.0.4

  1. alexroumi

    No sound assistant

    So I leave in Greece and I have not yet received the sound assistant part of the MIUI 12 on my redmi note 8 pro my current version is 12.0.4
  2. ExP00

    New MIUI 12.0.4 Disappearing notification?? Poco F2 Pro

    Hi, I've had this issue since I got this phone a few months ago: Every now and then, one of the notifications will disappear from the notification drop down. The icon for it will still appear on the top bar (near the clock), but the notification itself is nowhere to be found. Is this a known...
  3. R

    New [Miui12] Phone Force Restarts when closing the chathead of messenger

    As the title says... My phone freezes for about 1~2 mins after closing(dragging down) the chathead of the messenger and it force reboots... I have been encountering this issue for almost 3 months and I'm on the latest version of miui 12 EU, but the issue still persists. It is very concerning...
  4. R

    New MI9 V12.0.4.0 Camera doesn't work

    Since I upgraded to the latest version, the camera on my phone has stopped working, just take a photo and the app closes and the photo isn't saved. The same is happening with other applications like Instagram. You can't take photos or record videos, and making a Storie with photos from the...