1. SirLukas

    Mi 10 Ultra - Persiscope Camera Shenanigans

    Hi All, This isn't related to MIUI.eu but my Mi 10 Ultra is showing some weird behaviour and I was wondering if anyone else who owns one can see if theirs does it too? I have had my Ultra since August, and yester morning I noticed a very fine scratch in the corner of the periscope lens...
  2. I

    New [MIUI | Stable] Mi Note 10 Lite Phone App crash

    Hi all, Not long ago I got an update to on my Mi Note 10 Lite, and since then I have a problem answering calls. The first few times when I slid the phone icon to answer I got something like "Phone app has crashed". A few days ago started to be a bit different, so when I slide the...
  3. Montaser

    dual appsbugs

    When dual apps are running, all apps are not running and when you open them they close automatically miui eu staple