miui 12.6

  1. spikespaz02

    Magisk 23 patched boot.img not working on 21.11.12 for POCO F3

    I have flashed the latest MIUI 12 Weekly version 21.11.12 Beta via fastboot. I extracted the boot.img from the update package's images directory, transferred it to the phone, and patched it with the Magisk app. I returned the patched image to te computer, and flashed it to boot_a and boot_b with...
  2. R

    Mi 11 Problem when updating to Android 12 with fastboot

    Unfortunately, i couldn't find any similar thread, so I hope someone can help me here. I'm trying to update to Android 12, tried both MIUI 12.6 21.10.20 and 21.10.27 and had the same problem: when I am in fastboot and start the update script, it does not start the update and is stuck. On Linux...
  3. J

    Dual Apps option missing in settings -> apps

    My device is Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo) and I want to delete all dual apps accounts from settings since it is causing to kill my background apps. When I go to Settings -> Apps, Dual Apps is missing. If I just uninstall the apps manually, would that count as deleting all dual apps accounts? I'd like...