1. A

    New Insane lag on Google Apps

    I have installed xiaomi.eu rom version 13.0.8 on my Poco X3 Pro device and I have noticed that the Play Store and the other Google applications work laggier and slower than intended. I would like to add that this issue is no longer present after a few wallpaper cycles.
  2. A

    Repository update for Ukrainian translation Miui 13

    Good evening, I would like to ask if it is possible to change the repository to github with the translation of Miui 13 into Ukrainian Here is the repository itself: https://github.com/Andrex2287/MIUI-13-UKRAINIAN (It will be supplemented over time)
  3. Behesti

    New Poco F3 bugs and missing features

    In my Poco F3 MIUI 13.0.5 stable the bluetooth won't connect paired headsets, cars etc. My pair “compatible devices settings” is on. There is no “wake up screen when notification arrives” setting like used to global miui. VoWifi symbol doesn't appear. No problem with VoLTE but why voWIFI...
  4. G

    Wifi and data automatically disabled with locked screen

    Hello, I have a recently purchased a Xiaomi 12 Pro, with everything updated and Miui 13. It happens to me that when the phone has been locked for a while, usually at night, it disconnects itself from all networks (data and wifi) and I lose the connection. I stop receiving all the notifications...
  5. SteelOrchid12

    Can I direct flash MIUI13 Stable to K30 in flashing from a bootloop?

    When trying to flash MIUI13 stable from MIUI EU 12.5 thru fastboot, I ran into bootloop k30 4g I am wondering if I can do flashing of recovery rom directly to miui13? BTW, my K30 has unlocked bootloaders I am thinking of not going from the very start (installing the stock China ROM) because it...
  6. V

    [Mi 11] MIUI 13 issue with second workplace - any solutions?

    Hello, Yesterday I upgraded my Mi 11 to MIUI Global 13.0.4 (SKBEUXM) All went smooth until I accidentally entered my graphic key incorrectly ONCE. After that I got a message saying that "Too many attempts to enter graphic key for second workplace. Device locked for 720 minutes". But the...
  7. D


    Dear XIAOMI EU team, maybe you can adapt UOTAN MIUI 13 for us. Fix some problems and localize, how you doing this everytime It's a last hope for Mi8 users. Thanks in advance ✌️
  8. J

    Mi11Lite5G MIUI

    Has anyone else installed? in the previous version "stable13" there was no dark theme customization options for individual applications + the extended layout of switches in "Function Center Style" was missing, can anyone confirm that these options are there?
  9. Y

    Redmi k40/Poco F3 Miui 21.12.30

    Hello, I just want to communicate that in the version of miui 21.12.30 third-party apks do not work, it does not generate an internet connection. They are almost all third-party applications that cannot be connected to the internet when downloaded. What is the error? There's a solution? I will...