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    Lockscreen notification

    Hello. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with xiaomi.eu ( and when I turn on lockscreen notifications, they just dont show. Even in the notification tray there are no notifications until.I unlock my phone. Does anybody know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
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    Where i can find supermoon? I have a 12t pro and i can't find It on my filters
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    Miflash flash done in 0s

    Hi, I'm now trying to flash my Mi13pro from Chinese version to EU version ROM (14.0.22), the BL lock is unlocked and miflash tool is corretly setup. But what I am getting is just flash done in 0s, so nothing is flashed actually. I have done my research on the internet and these are things...
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    EU Rom VS China Rom Questions

    Can Anyone here tell me does the EU Rom fix the below pressing issues that we hate about MIUI14 China Roms: 1) Does it fix the 10 seconds delay prompt for unsecure apps? 2) Does the Always On Display still sleep itself when the room is dark after 10 minutes. 3) Do turning off Bluetooth from...
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    Invalid MIUI 14 Mi 10 Pro Screen Recording Error

    I put 14 miui on mi 10 pro and I can't record the screen. Throws out and writes an error
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    Invalid Mi share not working on Poco X3 pro MIUI 14

    I loved the miui 14 update that you did, but unfortunately after I updated that version I can't use Mi share, which is the function I need the most since all my friends and my boyfriend use it to pass files to each other When using me it appears that it could not connect correctly Devices...