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    New hyper os android 14 update is out for mix 4

    Its been 3weeks since the update came out for mix 4 for android 14 , will xiaomi.eu release a version for it?
  2. S

    New Mix4 charging regression

    21.1.19 weekly, stock 120W charger shows "55w". Really didn't take measure yet, is it just UI regression or really a bug, but whatsoever, there was no issue in 21.1.13. If need any additional information, feel free to ask, I'll try to gather asap
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    Air bubbles in module camera

    Hi everyone ! I have moisture that got into the photo module of my mix 4, I have attached a picture to show you. For those who own the phone, do you think a solid plastic film is added to the photo module like on the screen or the moisture is really present in the photo module ? Thanks for...