1. Eraaz

    New Can't send MMS on mi9t pro

    Hello since 2 months I can't send MMS, it's clearly from my phone as it work from another one. My apn is good and all permissions are granted. I'm on the last beta
  2. japancakes

    MMS only working with Xiaomi Messaging -- Google Messages, Textra, etc. cannot send

    Hey there, as the title says, I haven't been able to send MMS messages through any text app except Xiaomi Messaging since version 9.4.18 It seems like Xiaomi Messaging is hijacking the ability or not sharing it with other apps? I've checked my APN settings with my carrier (MetroPCS) and had...
  3. TheBigMama

    New Can't Use Messenger To Send Sms

    Hey ! So , I see a Bug , I can't Use Facebook Messenger to Send SMS/MMS per default . When I send SMS/MMS , The SMS/MMS is automatically deleted .. I Give ALL permission for this APP and Get Default Message App but he also can't send SMS/MMS I use The Mi5S And the Last MIUI Stable version for...
  4. J

    5s Plus - Cannot Send Text With Multiple Photo Attachments

    Is it just me or is it normal that the message App seem to allow only one photo per message but I need to send 2-3 photos in one MMS. Coming from Samsung where it is no problem to send multiple photos in one text message I miss this function in my new xiaomi 5s plus with the latest weekly room...