1. A

    install stock firmware on k30 pro

    hi, is it possible to install the stock global rom of the k30 pro EU on my k30 pro that i took from china? is there any risk? i wanted to do it through miflash tool, some told me that i risk the brick by flashing a stock global on a chinese smartphone
  2. I

    Create A New Partition In Local Rom

    Dear, I'm wondering if it's possible create a partition of internal storage . I have 64 GB of internal storage and I would like split it in 54 + 10GB. So in case of factory reset I'll not lose the file in the 10GB partition. Do you know if it's possible?
  3. Ciosba

    Any Modding Suggestions?

    Hello everyone, today I received my RedMi Note 3 Pro(the International one), and I'm quite lost in this new device. Until today I used a Nexus 5, easy to mod and add whatever I wanted but I don't want to lose this hobby, and I tried to flash the EU Rom : Talking about this in a Facebook forum, i...