1. amalka.ari

    Advice on resetting Xiaomi.EU

    Hi everyone, I'm using Xiaomi Mi9T Pro with OrangeFox custom recovery and Xiaomi.EU 12.5.4 custom rom. Android 11 and MIUI 12.5 came in a single update and it definitely isn't as smooth as Android 10/MIUI 12.0.x.x. I think a factory reset might smooth things out (as recommended by other Xioami...
  2. R

    TWRP/OrangeFox Recovery

    Hello! Just a simple question from a newbie:). Do I need to have boot-loader unlocked in order to install a Custom Recovery such as TWRP or OrangeFox? I just want 2 get this step in advance while waiting the time needed before being able to finally flash the custom rom.
  3. B

    MIUI 11.2 20.3.26 - Magisk Question

    I know this isn't a Magisk forum but I thought I'd ask here in case anyone else has experienced similar issues? I've always run the latest nightly/weekly available on my Redmi Note 7 Pro. Currently: nightly/weekly (MIUI 11.2 - 20.3.26) Orangefox (currently R10.1) (EVERYTHING IS...