phone dead

  1. R

    Mi 11 no more image after trying to flash update

    hi all, I recently tried to update my Mi 11 to 13.0.9 with the TWRP (twrp-3.6.2_12-v3.9_A12-venus-skkk.img) that was in one of the bigger threads on this website (sorry, i can't find it anymore but it had a link to androidfilehost with all xiaomi devices). After trying to flash the update, I had...
  2. r1nk

    Is My Mobo Dead? Or Just Hard Brick?

    So, I cant turn on my phone. I tried several times to remove and insert back my battery and turn on the phone, and I can only saw the MI logo for 1 sec, then my phone dead again. I tried the unbrick tutorial in this forum. After complete the firmware upgrade, I tried to turn on my phone and it...