poco f3 blurry camera

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    Android 12 - camera quality issue on POCO F3

    So I am running 21.11.3 on poco f3 and I have noticed that the camera seems to be somewhat blurry and low quality compared to earlier A11 versions. When shooting in Raw there is definitely much less detail than before, and normal shots seem very overprocessed when zoomed in, even with visible...
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    Poco F3

    Probably the most disappointing thing about the Poco F3 is it's camera. I knew it was going to be not good but this is really bad. This is something for Xiaomi to tackle but does anyone here know if Xiaomi plans to address the camera? Does Xiaomi.eu have the tools and expertise to tackle this...
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    Processing photos POCO F3 third parties apps

    Hello comunity. I've just purcharsed a POCO F3 and I'm really pleased with the general performance of the terminal, except for just one thing, the MIUI stock ROM, which had a lot of bloatware, had an issue that's p****ng me a bit. When I try to take photos with apps whose have an integrated...