poco m3

  1. Z

    Rollback/Downgrade POCO M3

    Hi, I want to roll back my Poco M3 from 21.7.21 to 21.4.14. How can this be done so as not to break the device? Reason: bugs, lags (hard-freeze), animations bugs, camera bugs etc.
  2. Z

    New [HELP] how to fix my POCO M3

    guys plz help me, after i have updated my poco m3 to (xiaomi eu 12.0.9) last month, my phone turn off automatically n cannot be turn on anymore after that, already tried pressing the power button for more than 1 minute n still like that, vol up n down buttons do nothing either, is there any way...
  3. CrossArisa

    Is it worth upgrading (MIUI 12 - android 10) to (MIUI 12.5 android 11)?

    I have the doubt if I go from A10 to A11, the performance is better, and the battery consumption is better optimized? Or is it that it occupies more memory and resources because it is an update?
  4. R

    TWRP/OrangeFox Recovery

    Hello! Just a simple question from a newbie:). Do I need to have boot-loader unlocked in order to install a Custom Recovery such as TWRP or OrangeFox? I just want 2 get this step in advance while waiting the time needed before being able to finally flash the xiaomi.eu custom rom.
  5. Burretploof

    Poco M3 unreliable texting and calls / slow to receive texts and calls

    Hey everyone, I got a new Poco M3 recently and while almost everything works, I do have some issues with calls and texts. Texts (2FA for example) often only arrive after multiple attempts, I have to keep hitting "send again" buttons until I maybe receive one (!) of those texts. Similar things...
  6. ppGabe

    POCO M3 Xiaomi.eu ROM Beginner Questions

    Hello! I'm a complete beginner when it comes to this, please bear with me. I don't want to brick my new toy! I'm currently in day 5 of waiting to unlock bootloader. Q1: When you install the custom ROM via fastboot, can I update it via OTA? The last fastboot version for POCO M3 is...