poco x3

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    Invalid No MIUI Lab, no drivers, and many more stuff removed

    This is my first time flashing MIUI and it feels like i'm running an android 5 lollipop emulator with nothing inside Device: poco x3 NFC Rom: latest xiaomi.eu
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    please fix "No caller ID" problem over VoLTE with KPN

    This bug of not recieving callerid on incoming phonecalls when calling over VoLTE is very easy to fix by adding the right mbn profile in Modemconfig but this is not accessible by endusers in the poco x3. So it has to be fixed by the developers through an update KPN is the largest Dutch mobile...
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    Will Stable ROM work on Poco X3 NFC?

    The Poco X3 is not in the list for the Stable ROM and I want to make sure it works before I install it.
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    Invalid POCO X3 NFC compability issue

    Hello, I have a problem with my newly bought POCO X3 NFC. I found have 2 issues with the Smartphone: -It has a problem with compability with Samsung gear S3 Frontier, which it doesnt show any notifications on my watch, even tought it is connected by bluetooth, no info is passing. -My...