1. fabiogameri

    New Any solution?

    this message appears randomly on my cell phone, but my IMEI and Xiaomi services work perfectly any solution? i use magisk 23.0 my safetynet is perfect and app banks too i think this message started to appear when i cleared the google framework cache (i think)
  2. S

    New Rn3pro: Sip Defect, Csipsimple/sipdroid Pop-up Not Allowable

    Hi All, a few days ago i flashed MIUI8 6.7.21 (5.1.1) on my RedmiNote3Pro 3/32 and tried to use Sip from pbxes.org Internal Phone App did not connect stable and some options were missing (f.e. "Ask to use sip for every call" So i tried to use Csipsimple and Sipdroid which worked pretty well on...
  3. P

    New Facebook Messenger Popup Does Not Work With Theme?

    Hi I installed a new theme on my Mi Note Pro. I have authorized the app to allow pop up for facebook already. It works on the normal UI theme. But after I change themes ( no matter which theme ) the facebook pop up disappears almost as if it is hiding behind the theme. The pop up is active if I...