random reboots

  1. R

    Invalid Mi 11 Ultra - Random Reboots and Crashes

    Hello, Since I bought this phone even with OEM CHINA ROM my phone restarts by itself even when I am using it. I have installed EU Weekly to see if it fixes the problem but it keeps rebooting. I have tried TWRP by formatting and erasing everything but the phone keeps rebooting itself. Any...
  2. LikMaw

    Invalid [Solved] Random reboots on Mi10T (k30S ultra) MIUI 13.0.1

    Hey everybody. I have a mi10T (Redmi k30S Ultra) device with the latest MIUI13 ROM by Xiaomi.eu I've been suffering random reboots (some of them lead me to the recovery mode) without any reason. Does somebody know what to do to solve this issue?