redmi 8

  1. F

    Invalid Unable to disable proximity sensor

    Phone: RedMi note 8T Miui Version: Stable (RCXEUXM) Android Version: 11 RKQ1.201004.002 Bug: Unable to disable proximity sensor, missing feature Issue: My Phone locks screen each time i start a call or play an audio from Whatsapp/telegram unless i use headphones The cause is the...
  2. panzerbay

    Who using new V12.0.2

    Anyone using the new version? i installed it but it's too laggy. If someone else is using it, can they share their experience?
  3. panzerbay

    New [REDMI 8][OLIVE][V12.0.1] Gestures not working properly

    I flashed new MIUI 12, but gestures not working properly. It does not detect gestures. (Clean install) Do you need a logcat or something else?
  4. K

    OLIVE vs OLIVE_EEA, warranty after unlocking the bootloader and ROMs?

    Hello! I recently bought a Redmi 8, it came with a Global ROM that I updated to MIUI which shows up as the latest version. I'm in EU, and the code name shows up as OLIVE_EEA in the Hidden Settings app. What are the differences between the OLIVE and OLIVE_EEA variants? Is this device...