redmi note 8t

  1. SUP4K_

    Invalid NFC not working on Xiaomi Redmi note 8T | MIUI eu

    so i have a xiaomi redmi note 8t, i did install some custom ROMs: Pixel Experience then LineageOS and now MIUI eu . The problem is that the NFC doesnt work, it appears ON in the status bar and i cant toggle it, and in the settings NFC options appear grey and inaccessible. It was working before...
  2. G

    Redmi Note 8T V12.0.2.0.RCXMIXM_v12-11 Language problem

    Hi Everyone! Today I'm installed the V12.0.2.0.RCXMIXM_v12-11 ROM to my Redmi Note 8T. I do clean install, but if I change the language to Hungarian the ROM almost half remain English. Why is that? Anyone could you help me please? Thank you!
  3. X

    Questions for confirmation

    Hello, I'm planning to flash EU Rom on my Redmi Note 8T for the first time and have some questions to ask for confirmation. I've already installed the unlock tool and am currently waiting for the 7 days till I can unlock the bootloader. A guide I've been reading says I need to install ADB and...
  4. Y

    Redmi note 8 Avrupa eu rom nasıl indirebilirim

    link alabilirmiyim ?
  5. Behenate

    NFC doesn't work on MIUI, Redmi note 8t

    Hi. I have been using LineageOS Android 10 based custom ROM for a couple of months, but it had some camera issues. When I noticed there was a MIUI12 ROM avalible to download I decided to install it (I did a clean flash. Wiped everything and formated data). All seemed fine, then I tried...
  6. M

    Microphone problem - very silent [Note 8T]

    Hey, Redmi Note 8t - MIUI Global 11.0.11 Stable (PCXEUXM) Both mics (main and sub) are very silent while calling or recording, sound is almost inaudible. In test mode both mic shows all the time "db=-1.0". I recorded few samples. When I hit cover near main mic, then play, It is audible on...
  7. N

    Updater updates from EEA to Global

    Hello! I recently flashed my first ROM and chose for xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote8T_V11.0.7.0.PCXEUXM_v11-9. After connecting the phone to the Wi-Fi, it suggests to update to xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote8T_V11.0.5.0.PCXMIXM_v11-9. From what I understand that's a switch between EEA ROM to Global...
  8. M

    Camera's flash is always disabled, but the flashlight is ok

    Redmi Note 8T MIUI Global (PCXEUXM) android 9 PKQ1.190616.001 security patch 2020-08-01 I am not sure to have used before the camera's flash in dark pictures, but now the flash is always disabled. in the camera's top menu. no way to enable it. but if used as light torch is ok. thank...
  9. N

    Redmi Note 8T call recording

    Hey there. In the thread MIUI 11.0 STABLE RELEASE it states: Based on China Stable / Weekly builds (except POCOF1, HMNote6Pro, HMNote8T, HMNote9ProMax, HMNote9Pro_HMNote9S, HMNote9ProEU) So does that mean this device (and the others listed) is not based on the China ROM and therefore call...
  10. I

    Invalid Updater crash

    Hi, I installed the latest stable rom available for the Redmi Note 8T but I can't open the Updater app it crash all the time. Tried to change the permission but I think it is fine. I also search on the forum but didn't found much. Here is the log Here is a photo Could you help please...