1. E

    Strava Audio Not Working

    Hi, I upgraded to the current ROM for my Redmi3 and everything is well so far. Except that the Aduio cues/announcements from the strava app don't work. Music and other audio works just fine. I tried factory reset and reinstall and nothing helped. Do you guys see the same issue or have...
  2. Nixon_Kyaw

    Why Myanmar Unicode Fonts Has Been Deleted In Eu Rom Though Include In Miui China And Global Rom?

    In MIUI EU ROM,Myanmar Unicode fonts has been deleted. They are included in Original MIUIs. I am a Myanmar. After flashing an EU Rom, I have to copy,paste Notosans Myanmar ttf to system/fonts/ and change permission and reboot.How difficult :3. It may be solved easily by changing theme fonts, but...
  3. C

    Twrp Recovery Flash Ok, But After Reboot In A Normal Way

    Hello I need help. I've unlock my bootloader, I've installed ADB and Fastboot tools and drivers. I have flash manualy the latest official dev rom in fastboot mode, everything works great - in dev settings "debugging" ok I want to flash Xiaomi.EU ROM, but cannot boot TWPR Recovery. fastboot...
  4. S

    Mobile Network Error On Redmi 3

    Hi! I'm having a problem with the Redmi 3. It keeps saying there is no SIM present and that there is a mobile network error. There is nothing wrong with the SIM, because it works fine in another mobile. It appears that this is a problem with the Mi3 that keeps coming up (I cannot post links...
  5. I Rom Based On Global Beta Rom For Redmi 3 Pro

    finaly there is a global beta rom for our beloved redmi 3 (pro) will it be different from or may by will make rom based on this rom instead from china dev? enlighten me please.