1. TheDiegoLuiz

    New Solution for low volume headphones

    Using Xiaomi.EU Beta 9.8.9 on Redmi Note 7, I realized that my audio is extremely low when using a headset, even with apps like Viper or Dolby. The solution is to change a line using a build editor (you need to root), look for the ro.miui.region line and change it to BR and you will get your...
  2. D

    Redmi Note 7 Global Version audio quality in video?

    Hello..Does anyone have problems with video recording...When record loud music like in club or on concert there is so many crackling and sound is terrible... I'm using MIUI V10.2.3.0.PFGEUXM Redmi Note 7 Global version
  3. D

    Unlock bootlader for Redmi Note 7

    I recently bought a Chinese version of the Redmi Note 7 and I wanted to flash the Global ROM on it. While I was trying to unlock with the Mi Unlock tool, I logged in with my Mi account but i kept gettin this message " Account application area query failed' please what should I do? Please.
  4. F

    I'm new to this forum, Hello! I have a question about buying the new redmi note 7 CN

    Hello people, good afternoon. My name is Fernando and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I recently bought a Mi 8 Lite and was amazed with MIUI, although I used MIUI from its first versions for non-xiaomi smartphones I risked buying one and the results were beautiful, I love it. The phone is...