1. D

    Stuttering and unstable ringtone Android 11

    Hi guys, Sinds I have installed Android 11 rom on my Poco F2 Pro and I get a call when the screen is off, I get intermittent and intermittent ringtone for the first 2 seconds and then the ringtone becomes normal. This only happens when the screen is off. When the screen is on and I get a call...
  2. D

    General discussion

    Today I switched from xiaomi Mi A1 to xiaomi Mi 9T pro, can you introduce me some cool features in MIUI and some cool ringtones on TikTok? I found an interesting ringtone website: https://dzwonkinatelefon.com/
  3. AndyIreland

    How can i set a particular tone for voicemail message? xiaomi 6 note pro

    Hello, i am sure I managed to do this on other androids but on my Note 6 Pro with miui10 if I go into 'voicemal' settings i can select the default number to dial for voicemail but i cannot see where I can change the notification tone to one I want. only vibrate 'on or off' How can I change...
  4. G

    Set ringtones for Gmail labels

    With the latest update for Gmail on Android devices it is now possible to modify or set custom ringtones for different Gmail labels. However, the appropriate options do not appear in MIUI and neither in XIAOMI.EU. Would it be possible to include this option?
  5. andrzejfashion

    Different ringtones for sms and system notifications

    Hello, will you help? I set a different ringtone for SMS notifications and another one as default system notifications. And it did not help? Still for each application - sms, Facebook, system notification - and so I have only one and the same sound - default. How to make it work ?? MIUI Global...