1. U

    Invalid China themes app

    Hello friends, I installed android 14 hyperos rom for Poco x3 nfc, but the installed themes application is in the Chinese version and I get a package separation error when installing the apk of the global version, I wonder if there is a solution to this?
  2. V

    interesting ROM on Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

    So basically im from turkey and i bought Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G(NFC) and i had SMOMIXN Rom when i first saw that i was curious about this rom but i couldnt find it anywhere possible. and nfc was working fine. When i tried to change rom i bootlocked my phone etc etc. Now im in SMOMIXM and it feels...
  3. V

    How to change the version miui Xiaomi 12

    I am new to this but I would like you to help me change EU global rom for Xiaomi.eu. Could you send me a complete tutorial, if it is in Spanish much better. Thank you so much .
  4. DarKnight2174

    Xiaomi.eu BETA to Xiaomi.eu Stable

    Hello guys. First of all I'd like to thank you all for releasing these marvelous ROMs to the world. I'm a newbie in this field and I'd like to know a few things. I have currently the 27.4.20 MIUI 12 BETA version in my Redmi Note 7. How can I switch to a Stable version of Xiaomi.eu ? Do I have...
  5. W

    Guide on how to go back to MIUI global from Xiaomi.eu

    Hi there. I Just want to Ask if there are any guide on how to go back to MIUI global from xiaomi.eu. I'm currently running 9.6.5 version and i want to go back on global version. Is It possibile?
  6. C

    Redmi 4x - Oficial Firmware

    Boas. Confirma-se a atualização do 4X para o novo firmware - Grande Novidade - Este firmware inclui agora localização e região - PORTUGAL, ou seja, já não é preciso andar a escolher outros países e escrever em português do Brasil. Cumps...
  7. D

    Stable Version

    Hola, recientemente he comprado un Xiaomi Nota, quiero instalar MIUI 8, a partir de la versión estable que trae Android 6.0, necesito el TWRP? O hago lo hago con el programa de actualización que trae Xiamoi? Una vez descargado el MIUI 8 correspondiente a Xiaomi Nota?