rom miui 12 redmi note 7

  1. A

    New BUG in lavender on MIUI 12 stable

    the same bug that occurred on MIUI 11, is occurring here on MIUI 12, the famous audio bug, that in one moment the audio is muted and in other moments it comes out with sound, mainly using a headset microphone via P2 cable it is not my phone nor my cell phone as it is working perfectly in the...
  2. Lufer

    MIUI 12 ROM for Redmi Note 7

    I want to highlight the work they do developing ROMs. I have an observation for MIUI 12 ROM 20.4.27 and 20.5.13 Redmi Note 7 and it is that it does not give the option to support local backups. Kind regards friends