1. G

    Mi Router 3 Wifi Speed Issue

    Hi everyone, I just got my new Xiaomi Mi router 3 English version and after the configuration I'm facing a wifi speed problem. Using the 2.4GHz band I can't go over 35Mb/s, while using LAN cable I can reach 80Mb/s. The 5GHz band is a little faster but the range is not as the other one. Anyone...
  2. J

    Xiaomi Router 3 Not Able To Set Up

    Hi, So I just bought the Xiaomi Router 3, it arrived, and I tried to set it up as people descibe online. I tried both with the app and my computer, and the results are the same. It is the English firmware version, but regardless whether I use one method or the other i get a "Gateway 502 nginx"...
  3. V

    Getting Error Along With Redirection To For Some Sites?

    For example: I tried getting some of the manuals from While most of the links works fine, some of them redirect to & throw an error. Then I've to get the original URL & keep trying by pasting that URL directly again & after 3-5 tries the...
  4. Dr.MTR

    Xiaomi Router 3 English Firmware

    Get the english firmware for Router 3 ONLY here ! Version: 2.10.25 Stable Download here: Tested on Router 3 and works without issues !