1. S

    Zircon - Redmi Note 13 Pro + 5G logo change v 1.1.

    Greetings. This script is for HyperOS and zircon devices only. It changes logo currently from stock Mi to Stock Redmi and back. The script will guide you in a process ... v1.1. Added more simplified guide to flash.
  2. _jay27

    [spesn] Linux Script not detecting the device

    Hello I am trying to install the ROM on my Redmi Note 11 NFC, but on Linux, the script is stuck on "Waiting for device...", Fastboot tells me the device has been recognized, and the getvar also returns the correct model number, should I remove the checking part of the script?
  3. silverethical

    are macOS scripts compatible with m1 macs?

    I'm about to install V13.0.6.0 on my PocoF3 and I'm just wondering if the mac script is compatible with m1. This is my first time installing a custom ROM and I don't want to break things. Thanks in advance.
  4. axelmateuss

    AOD only when missed call or notification

    I was wondering if there is any possibility for AOD in works only when there's waiting notification - for example missed call, SMS, message? Like a replacement for notification LED which some our phones didn't get? I tried to work with Tasker and Macrodroid (users made even ready...
  5. M

    Resolved Amazon Appstore can't install apps, no "Turn off MIUI optim." option => WORKAROUND

    [ An alternative workaround is to use a different device to install the app using your Amazon Appstore account, then use an APK Extractor to get a copy of the install file (*.apk) which you can copy to your Mi device and install with a file browser ] MIUI 10.3.4 | Stable on Redmi Note 7 Log -...