1. volm92

    My Rn2 Shuts Down By Itself

    Has someone the same problem? I've the last version stable rom Yesterday for the first time shuts down by itself. Today three times happened. I don't know what is going on. Now I'll try to change battery.. I think that the problem could be motherboard..
  2. M

    Phone Shuts Down Randomly

    My Redmi Note 2 began shutting down randomly a few months ago. I was running MIUI on it then. Switching to Cyanogenmod 12.1 made it run a little better, but the shutting down thing kept happening. Now I have it on MIUI 8 but still, it shuts down whenever it likes to. This is independent on how...
  3. T

    Shutdown At 20%

    Hello, I am currently on the last Miui 7 weekly, but I had the same problem with previous versions. For weeks now my mi4c shuts down randomly at around 20%. Sometimes I am able to boot it up for some seconds, just to see the battery is at 1%. After some moments of charging it is at...