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  1. Lyteka

    Can't recieve SMS with Android Message or Signal

    Hello, I do not receive SMS and I cannot send them with an application (Android message and Signal) other than that of MIUI which is not the best, how do I do it?
  2. V

    Invalid SMS and contacts returning sql error

    Hi all! I recently installed ROM to my Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite (gauguin), everything seems to be fine, except the SMS and contacts app. When I open the stock Xiaomi Messages app, it instantly crashes, and the contacts app doesn't do anything, i have no option to add contacts. The error...
  3. V

    [Already Fixed] Sync messages from Xiaomi Cloud NOT WORKING

    Hello, First of all let me say Thanks for the great and up-to-date ROMs. Then let me say that i'm using [MIUI 11.1] 9.10.24 on my 'Mi8Pro' device, a very new and fresh installation, just switched from Offical MIUI 10 Global Weekly rom to this. Logged into my Xiaomi account and Syncing everything...
  4. Z

    New Adding A Saved Picture Into A Message Dosnt Work

    Hello When i try to add a picture from gallery into a current message (SMS), default sms app, crash and reload. Someone have the same problem ? I have a redmi note 3 Pro 6.7.14 eu Thanks community !