sms failed

  1. L

    Can't recieve SMS with Android Message or Signal

    Hello, I do not receive SMS and I cannot send them with an application (Android message and Signal) other than that of MIUI which is not the best, how do I do it?
  2. E

    New Not receiving automated SMS (Poco 3 Pro)

    My Poco 3 (latest MIUI 13) isn't receieving any automated SMS messages (e.g from banks) but is still allowing normal messages through. I've tried using another SMS app, turned off Google's chat featrure, checked there are no blocked numbers, and the SIM itself does work in another phone. If...
  3. M

    Enable SMS Sync

    Hi guys I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse) and I'm trying to sync my sms messages with the cloud but I'm getting this error does anyone know how to fix?
  4. M

    Issues with sending sms/text message

    I have 2 sim cards in my phone. The main one works fine. The second one....I can only call/receive call/receive a text message. The problem is I can't send any text message. It keeps writing: FAILED. It is bothering me. I called my operator but it seems to be fine from their side. I saw that...
  5. Andres Rivas

    Im Trying To Apply For A Bootloader Unlock But I Just Don't Get Any Sms.

    As the title says i'm trying to apply for a bootloader unlock but i just don't get any sms the website says SMS Failed (短信发送失败). i already try with two different carriers and 2 web browsers Chrome (PC and Android) and Firefox (PC) i don't know what else to do. My Xiaomi account is activated. The...