super wallpaper

  1. M

    How to install SuperWallpaper

    I installed MIUI 14 on my Mİ11Lite5GNE yesterday. Super wallpaper is not found on my phone. How to install super wallpaper my phone?
  2. O

    New Dynamic Wallpaper MIUI13.0.7 RN10 (Mojito)

    Hi, this is my first time here. I have problems with the Dynamic Wallpaper it's not Moving because there is a pop-up message says "this video format isn't supported" I think this is why it's not moving. Even the Molten Glass in the Theme App it says the same thing. Secondly, since MIUI
  3. coldhand25

    Pretty new to Xiaomi EU, how stable it is, how well does it work in Mi Note 10 Lite? (And some other minor questions)

    So, I've only just learned about Xiaomi EU, and I'm not quite sure if I understand everything about it correctly. So as far as I understand Xiaomi EU is based on the Chinese ROM - but, Google services are enabled. That's correct? Can I use any Google app, like phone, messages, gmail, pay...
  4. A

    Couple questions

    Henlo all. I just bought a mi 10 ultra on with the rom. I have three main questions. First, the mi 10 natively supports super wallpapers. I've seen some threads about them not being there in this rom. Will it work with the mi 10 ultra with this rom? Second, I...
  5. L

    MIUI 12.0.1 and no Super Wallpapers?

    Hello guys, this is my really first post here and I hope to do everything correctly. Yesterday my Mi Note 10 udpated to MIUI 12 - Global 12.0.1 Stable QFDEUXM is it possible that Super Wallpapers feature is not enabled in this update? if I navigate to wallpaper selector, I only see: local...
  6. nuwaus

    Super Wallpaper does not available in Mi 9T

    Hello everyone, this is my first post of this forum, so please pardon me if I break any rules here. So, I installed the weekly (20.1.30) package yesterday with the fastboot and I noticed I can't select super wallpapers when I try to change the wallpaper. Then I got the weekly update today...