1. C

    Accidentally installed wrong rom

    Hello, I accidentally installed HyperOS sweet_k6a instead of sweet, I didn't look for the Model name I just looked for the codename and it didn't even give me a warning during the installation, now my phone won't even turn on and the screen is black and won't light up. Any help? * I know It's...
  2. ps3aciv

    New Urgent help please, failed to mount several partitions after flashing Xiaomi.eu for Redmi Note 10 Pro (HMNote10Pro, sweet) V14.0.9.0.TKFMIXM_v14-13

    I followed the guide on this forum to a t, I have TWRP installed and I formatted data as it suggested. Flashing from the microSD card in the phone, the latest version of MIUI 14 from this forum for the Redmi Note 10 pro (HMNote10Pro, sweet) I ran into a problem at the end. Here's what the screen...
  3. K

    Resolved "Mi smart play" is broken

    Mi smart play is broken again in xiaomi.eu 14.0.8 for sweet. Mi hub also doesn't work. Could you guys please do a rebuild with this fixed? Update: this player doesn't even catch music session
  4. K

    New "Android system" icons looks weird

    As said in the title, this icon looks weird(first pic). Isn't it supposed to look like 2nd pic? xiaomi.eu 14.0.7 for sweet. This issue is here since 14.0.4. Also I think it's worth mentioning that "find device" and mi messages are broken since first version of miui 14.
  5. K

    New "storage corrupted. Your phone is in danger" message after installing xiaomi.eu

    Happened after installing xiaomi.eu 14.0.7 on sweet. Same with 14.0.4. I think you guys gotta fix it asap
  6. S

    Redmi note 10 pro dial app problem

    Sometimes when I receive cellular calls, I don't hear voice, it happens sometimes when I call also. The problem is mainly in calling app of 14.0.4 may be. It happens most frequently
  7. K

    New "Find device" and Mi messages dont work

    ROM: Xiaomi.eu for sweet(Redmi note 10 pro). It's not possible to get device location, block it or erase data via Xiaomi cloud. Also Mi Messages always stays "Offline". These two things are broken since first MIUI 14. However they are confirmed to work on stock global miui.
  8. K

    Resolved Widgets issue

    Sometimes widgets like weather and security disappear by themselves and this message appears(translated: invalid, please add if again). MIUI 14.0.1 sweet
  9. K

    New "Unimportant notifications" option is broken after reboot

    I'm using xiaomi.eu 13.0.18 on sweet(RN 10 pro). After installing Ihere was "unimportant notifications" button in notification shade and It was working fine. However after reboot it's just gone, even if I mark notification as unimportant. I did not update any system apps. Any way to get it back...
  10. A

    New Redmi note 10 pro google wallet(google pay) not working

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my Redmi note 10 pro from 13.0.15 to .16 and now Google Wallet is not working (Device does not meet security criteria). It did work perfectly fine with .15. I've tried changing the secure element position and restoring NFC functionality but neither worked. Is this a...
  11. Slupy

    New Redmi Note 10 Pro Live photo BUG

    An error occurs when clicking on the button to edit a live photo. Xiaomi.EU version
  12. Slupy

    [SWEET] Why the rom is lagging?

    I have Redmi Note 10 Pro. I have installed Xiaomi.EU and noticed that it is very lagging compared to the official global. What can be done about it?
  13. D

    New Messages notification not disappearing when app is already open

    Phone: Redmi Note 10 Pro (codename: sweet) App name: com.android.mms MIUI version: xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote10Pro_V13.0.12.0.SKFMIXM_v13-12 Bug description: When the Messages app is open and a message is read, the status bar notification does not disappear. Touching the notification makes the app...
  14. mofumofu

    New MIUI 13.0.2, Haptic feedback level not working, SWEET

    Redmi Note 10 Pro. MIUI 13.0.2 Stable. Haptic feedback is of the same strength, regardless of the value set in settings.
  15. T

    [GUIDE] sweet/sweetin/chopin Xiaomi.EU Installation Process

    There are 3 versions of Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet/sweetin/chopin), but Xiaomi.EU is only released for Redmi Note 10 Pro Global (sweet). https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/firmware/sweet/ - Redmi Note 10 Pro Global https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/firmware/sweetin/ - Redmi Note 10 Pro India...
  16. K

    TWRP Recovery for Redmi Note 10 Pro Global (sweet)

    Good morning, can I install TWRP with the tool (Xiaomi Mi Tool V2) for this device? or where can I download the official TWRP for Sweet?