unlock blocked

  1. M

    Can't unlock phone since the system update

    Hi, I am not tech savvy and I am going crazy, I do not know what to do, I received a notification that my phone had MIUI update ready, I accepted the restart for the update and since it completed my phone won't unlock, as soon as I enter my lock-screen code the screen goes black and shows the...
  2. N

    Unlock phone

    The only error I am getting is going into the mi site and asking for approval. In the site (https://en.miui.com/unlock/) I press the "Unlock now" and it askes to log in while the site goes chinese, cn. then it loads but it sends me right into it's forum... Any idea what to do?
  3. limb0ist

    Assigning SIM card to another account

    I bought another Mi 9 for a family member of mine. I inadvertently assigned that phone's SIM card to my own Mi account. So now, I cannot unlock the phone as I get the "Cannot use the same SIM on more than one account" error. Is there a way to remove the sim card assignment from my MI account...
  4. T

    Unlock waiting time

    Just recieved my Note 6 pro few days ago. When I tried to unlock the Xiaomi Tool tells me I have to wait 720 hours. Anybody had a similar experience or managed to unlock the device successfully? Is there any way to achieve root without flashing another software?
  5. V

    Unable To Confirm Unlock Demand...

    Hi I received my redmi 4x. First : OTA update Then : ask for unlock to xiaomi. Problem ; I have a chinese message with "IP", " 您所在的IP申请次数超标 "which seems to block my IP. I try again and after 4/5 tries without success, I have another chinese message, 短信发送达到上限 which seems to say "don't ask...