1. G


    if i had installed a rom from fastboot can i install an update trough twrp?
  2. A

    Couple questions

    Henlo all. I just bought a mi 10 ultra on tradingshenzhen.com with the xiaomi.eu rom. I have three main questions. First, the mi 10 natively supports super wallpapers. I've seen some threads about them not being there in this rom. Will it work with the mi 10 ultra with this rom? Second, I...
  3. Camerado

    [TWRP][OFRP][PBRP] List of relevant recovery in one place

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/recovery-for-xiaomi-devices/files/ I compiled this list because i think it will be useful. Updates are monitored each day. Welcome, friends! https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/installing-a-custom-recovery.67841/
  4. E

    New update error mi note 3

    Auto update cause this way. Is there another solution to delete the application data after updating with twrp?
  5. J

    Update Via Updater With Zip.

    Hey Guy, Do I have to back up all my data if i update my Mi4c with a new Rom version with a zip via Updater app? So is everything wiped and i have to install all apps, email accounts and everything? And can i also change to the global rom with the updater app or do i have to wipe and install...
  6. A

    Confusion About Updates

    Hi, I recently switched to Android with the Mi5 and I did not understand how updates work in Miui. I've unlocked the bootloader and flashed this rom (I think it's called "xiaomi.eu gemini"). Questions: Should I update something? What is v.6.5.7 of Miui 7.4? How stable is Miui 8 Beta? How can...
  7. Enxuccio

    Please Help - Update 6.1.21 To A Newer Version

    Hi to everyone. I was at version 6.1.21 and would like to update it. I would like to understand: 1) What is the latest version for my phone? (And where to find it?) 2) Do you want to recommend? (I read of wifi problems) 3) Can I install it directly from the version that I have? 4) Can I KEEP...
  8. Robert Matoša

    Root With Newest Rom

    Since I have updated my ROM (the last MIUI 7 ROM) I have lost my root access. Has anybody experienced the same?
  9. P

    Is Mi3/mi4 Cancro And Any Other Devices Going To Receive Miui 8 ?

    Till now we got update regarding miui 8 Dailer and ui changes but the main thing we have to know is that the miui 8 is going to available for Mi3/Mi4 Cancro Devices ? And what are the Devices that going to Get miui 8 update other than mi max mi5 & redmi Note 3 Please get us out of this...
  10. V

    Stable Ota Updates On Rmn3.

    Hello comunity! 1.Bootloader is unlocked 2.Recovery is installed (TWRP) 3.Root is enabled. The Question: Will i get the ota STABLE updates? At the moment i have a At the moment on comunity - Or OTA updates come only on developer weekly version?
  11. Z

    Mi Note (virgo) Update From 6.2.4 To 6.3.3

    Hello to all! I just updated my Mi Note (virgo) to 6.2.4 from 6.2.18. I completed the update through update app and everything seems fine. I noticed that TWRP was not installed after the update and manual install of TWRP fails. So I am now on 6.2.4 with default Mi Recovery. How should I upgrade...
  12. E

    Unlocked Bl. What's Next?

    Hi everyone! Just unlocked bootloader, but still can't get updates. What should I do else to have a new updates via OTA?