1. S

    Mijia g1 essential voice issue

    Hello, I have a problem with my mijia g1. After some time of usage the vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped to speak. I checked the app and everything is activated (voice button is on). The robot simply doesn’t speak. It speaks only if I change the volume, just to say that the volume was changed. I...
  2. Pitada

    Miui Voice Recorder Don't Work

    Hi, Can anyone check if the miui voice recorder works. I've got the last eu.stable ROM (MM) for our kenzo and if I push the button to start recording, nothing happens... Anyone has noted? Thanks in advance
  3. A

    Microphone Problems

    Many people have reported problems with the mic during phone calls, people on the other side have complained about the sound quality. It happened to me as well, on loudspeaker was all fine and also recorded sound through voice recorder is fine, therefore this should not be an hardware problem...