1. lato_o

    New Lockscreen wallpaper not saved

    When I apply a wallpaper with backdrops or any other wallpapers apps. After a few time or a reboot the lockscreen wallpaper turning back into the default wallpaper locksceen. I don't have this problem when I apply a MIUI wall
  2. N

    New Cannot set image as wallpaper or change orientation from Files app.

    Using MIUI 14 Stable ROM on sweet. When I open an image from the Files app and choose "Set as wallpaper" from "More", nothing happens. No errors, no toasts, just nothing happens at all. The screen also won't change orientation to landscape in any view in the app itself and when viewing an image.
  3. M

    How to install SuperWallpaper

    I installed MIUI 14 on my Mİ11Lite5GNE yesterday. Super wallpaper is not found on my phone. How to install super wallpaper my phone?
  4. C

    How to disable adaptive color scheme on Mi11T Pro - accent color changes automatically based on wallpaper dominant color

    Hi, I've installed latest version of ROM from releases page to my Mi11T Pro. After that color scheme started to adapt to my wallpaper. For example when the wallpaper is the default one from the default theme, everything is as I wanted, accent colors etc. But when I change the wallpaper to a...
  5. Shizaru

    How to change the color of the clock on the lockscreen?

    I decided to put a light wallpaper on the lockscreen and faced the fact that the interface adapts, but the clock does not. They remain white no matter what, the second screenshot put the wallpaper slightly gray to make it clear that the clock is still in place. Can this be fixed somehow? Or...
  6. P

    New Wallpaper disappearing / Turning blank on Poco F2 Pro

    I'm running the latest MIUI 13 weekly build on my poco f2 pro and sometimes randomly the wallpaper will disappear / turn blank. Reapplying the wallpaper does nothing. I am using a custom theme from the theme store.
  7. D

    New [weekly][20.3.6][Mi 6] Crash when using Wallpapers app

    In Wallpaper app, when I open any set of wallpaper it crashes
  8. C

    I have a problem with the lock screen, Help

    LOCK DISPLAY PROBLEM Since I installed the latest beta version on my Xiaomi redmi note 5, when you put a white wallpaper, a black layer is added so that the time is visible but I want to discard this function. How is this function disabled?
  9. N

    Where Can I Find This Wallpaper?

    Hi. I have encountered this wallpaper on a Redmi 4X with MIUI 8.5, but since then the Redmi 4X has been updated to MIUI 9.2 and I cannot find the wallpaper anymore. Does anyone know the name of this wallpaper/theme and maybe where I can get the wallpaper?
  10. Boar_Sebastian

    Wallpaper Carousel - Not The Same In Chinese Developer And In The Multi Rom

    I installed the chinese developer version on a different redmi 2 note phone than mine. I realized that there are way more wallpapers on the chinese edition than the EU one. We have a very limited choice. The chinese wallpapers come with chinese text on them, but I don't care because of the huge...