weekly rom

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    Problem updating weekly -- 0mb Internal storage in TWRP

    Hi all, I've messed up my phone so many time before, so just wanted to get your advice before I pressed any buttons! @Poney70 was always a lifesaver (and I'm secretly hoping he/she might see this and come to the rescue! ) Trying to update from weekly 21.1.20 to the latest weekly ROM. I have a...
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    Invalid Cellphone model changes after flashing weekly rom

    Recently flashed weekly rom on Mi10T using mentioned method TWRP. after flashing phone started showing that its K30S Ultra but i have seen some people on sharing videos of Mi10T flashed same version Weekly rom and its showing Mi10T. I cant get InTouch with them to see if there is any change we...
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    Camera Features

    Will get Mi Note 10 Camera features? (long exposure, kaleidoscope, clone magic, front and back camera, AI emoji)