1. P

    Invalid Wi-Fi Doesn't turn on after updating Poco X3 Pro (vayu)

    I've recently received an update notification and updated my Poco X3 Pro MIUI ( I use Xiaomi.EU rom since version 12.5 ), from to and now Wi-Fi does not turn on in settings and also from control center. restarting the phone also didn't help. I uploaded a video to show that...
  2. L

    Can't connect Gateway to Wi-Fi

    Since i have changed my Wi-Fi Router (from the provider) the Gateway stop working. The Wi-Fi Router now supports 5G. How i solve it?
  3. T

    How do you restore saved Wi-Fi networks from backup?

    I just bought a brand new Xiaomi 11 flagship phone. After doing a full backup of my Xiaomi 9 to the cloud and then doing a full restore on my new Xiaomi 11, the Wi-Fi settings are completely gone. It didn't even recognize my home network. I had quite a lot of networks saved from work, friends'...
  4. S

    Is there an approach to setting different profiles on the same Wi-Fi network?

    Hi I used to think if there is a way to save different Wi-Fi profiles on a network. It recently comes in my need. The scenario is like: When a VPN is used on Android, MIUI accesses the Wi-Fi network 'mywifi' directly with all the default settings (DHCP, default DNS, etc..) When I choose using...
  5. vitaprimo

    EAP-TLS not working

    Hi everyone! Since the original MIX came out I had been lusting over it but Android just wasn't there yet, then came the second even more gorgeous in white but still was the same situation. When the 3rd arrived, Android still has a lot to go but the device is astonishingly beautiful and I...
  6. V

    Wi-fi Problem With 5 Ghz (hennesy) Redmi Note 3 Mtk

    Have a latest rom 8.1.18. All works fine, but cant see 5 ghz wifi spots. How can i check that is not a phisical damage or the problem is in ROM?
  7. P

    New Wi-fi Drops Frequently

    Hey guys, I am using Miui.eu stable and since the moment I bought the phone, the Wi-Fi connection is falling (only Wi-Fi, in the 4G LTE network, there are no problems), the connection drops for a moment and connects again, this several times in the day. Sometimes it drops, comes back and...
  8. Axendo

    Disable Wlan_logs

    Is it possible to disable (large) wlan_logs on mi6? There are no such files on Redmi Note 3 Pro. what i tried: Enable/Disable Wifi Verbose Logging on deleopment settings Disable Always scanning for WiFi networks...
  9. war4head

    Mi5: Waiting For Wi-fi When Download/update Apps In Google Play

    My MI5 work fine on V8.1.6.0, but I today install stable V8.2.1.0 and in TWRP after installation new ROM before reboot (clear chace,dav,data - wont fresh start). My Mi5 boot, and all looks ok, but when I try to install some applications with "google play" I got message "Waiting For Wi-fi When...
  10. Marco Silva

    Xiaomi Mi 5s 7.1.20 Wi-fi Problem

    Hello, my Wi-Fi connection on this ROM is unstable, turn off many times, and to connect again, is need turn off the option, lock the device and try again. What could be?