wifi not working

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    WiFi connectivity problem

    Hello there, Recently I've got Redmi Note 10 Pro and I have some issues with it... What I mean, when I want to connect to available WiFi I just can't if there is 2.4G/5G in box on side of name, when there isn't any I can connect. So it looks like I can't connect to dual band networks. What I...
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    Invalid MIUI 12.5 WiFi issue

    My WiFi on Redmi Note 8 Pro keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in loop. How can i fix it?
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    New WiFi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, only rebooting will solve the issue and only once

    Whenever I turn my WiFi off and turn it back on, or connect to a mobile hotspot, my WiFi will connect successful for a split second and disconnect, then reconnect successful for a split second etc... The only solution is to reboot the phone every time I want to use WiFi, it'll only fix it...
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    WIFI not working (MI 8)

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Mi 8 from a friend, knowing that his xiaomi had a strange Wifi problem. No matter what I try, it just don't turn on (and if I try more than 3 times, the phone crashes). Probably this issue is from the hardware part, but I need to try more first. This Mi 8 is...